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Technology Areas

See whether Spectrum IP's background matches a tech area where you want to get a patent.

Technology areas

Spectrum IP's background and experience includes the following:


Medical devices and biotech

With a background in biochemistry and and experience writing patent applications for medical devices, Spectrum is especially well-positioned to handle legal protection for your medical-related innovations.

Mechanical devices

Much of Spectrum's work has centered around mechanical inventions of various kinds, including expandable telescoping accessories and fluid injectors.

Chemical formulas

Chemistry patents - meaning, patents on a particular composition of matter - whether organic or inorganic, are a particular area of focus for Spectrum IP.

Computer hardware and software

Spectrum attorney David Kohn has had experience earlier in his career working an an examiner for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, reviewing applications for inventions in cryptography and computer security.  His work has included writing patent applications for mobile apps and virtualization software, and he has also worked in the area of augmented and virtual reality. 


David is also an amateur computer programmer with a background in languages such as C++ and Matlab, and has spent years becoming very familiar with the vocabulary and concepts of computer technology.

Consumer products

Spectrum has written and filed patent applications on consumer products of several kinds, including portable accessories and vehicle attachments. 


It's an increasingly connected world, and if you have any innovations relating to telecommunications technology, Spectrum can help with patent protection for them.

Design patents

Sure thing!  Read more here.

Other technologies

Feel free to get in get in touch here if you have another invention, and we'll see what we can do for you!

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